Treat all guns as though they are loaded.
Never point your firearm at anything you're not willing to destroy.
Keep your finger OFF the trigger and outside the trigger guard until you are on target and have made the decision to shoot.
Always be sure of your target, and know what's behind, in front of and around the target.

CPL Classes

Our classes take place on the first Sunday of every month. If that day falls on a holiday or holiday weekend, it will be held the following week. We do group classes of no more than 12 students and individual/private training at an additional cost.


This class will teach you how to completely disassemble and reassemble the most popular, Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR) in the world. We also discuss red dots, furniture options, and other popular add-ons.

Firearms Fundamentals

This class will focus on the basic fundamentals of 1911's, Revolvers, and Semi-Automatics. We teach you how to field strip each firearm, care, and more. Classes are scheduled in a group or on an individual basis.

other Training

More curriculum's are always being considered for additional training. If you have something you would like to see, please drop us a line and we'll look into adding it. We are passionate about teaching, training, and demonstrating anything firearm related!